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Tucson Land Rover Service and Repair

Tucson Land Rover Service and Repair

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose us for your Land Rover maintenance and repair needs in Tucson. We pride ourselves in fixing your European car right the first time.

For most people, auto maintenance and repair is not fun or convenient. We understand this, and strive to make the process of having your Land Rover serviced or repaired as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. We genuinely care about your Land Rover and your experience.

Free Estimates. Certified Technicians. Extended Warranties.

Free estimates are always provided, and the service and repair of your Land Rover is performed by our ASE certified technicians. For your peace of mind, extended warranties are available and we work with all insurance companies.

Our factory trained, A.S.E. certified technicians will ensure your Land Rover receives the best in parts, and quality repairs.

We can handle all the routine service your Land Rover requires.

We have all the factory diagnostic equipment and the skills necessary to fix problems with ESP, Check Engine, SRS, ABS, and climate control systems. We can perform any other service or scheduled maintenance on your vehicle including brake, suspension and exhaust system work.

Call us at (520) 888-6575 with any questions that you may have!

Land Rover Models Serviced:

  • Defender, Defender 07
  • Classic Range Rover, P38 Range Rover, L322 Range Rover, Range Rover Sport
  • Discovery , Discovery 2, Discovery 3/LR3, Discovery 4/LR4
  • Freelander, Freelander 2/LR2

Cylinder Head Gasket Failures

Up to 2004 Land Rovers had many issues with head gasket failures. These engines will be damaged if they overheat. Overheating would cause the head gasket to become damaged and leak. We have seen them leak internally into the engine and externally.
The locating pins for the cylinder heads were made of plastic, when these pins fail the heads would “walk” on the engine block surface, causing damage to the head gaskets.
Severe overheating would damage the cylinder heads themselves and also could damage the engine blocks. Care must be taken when disassembling these engines for a head gasket failure, they must be carefully inspected for damaged cylinder heads and cracked engine block.

Suspension Airbag failure

Land Rover’s use a complex airbag style suspension on some of their models. The normal spring is replaced by an airbag, which gives a different ride quality but most importantly the ride height can be adjusted and tuned by the suspension control unit and the driver.
Problem is the airbags develop leaks over time, they are comprised of a rubber air bladder that deteriorates and cracks over time.

Land Rover Suspension Pump Failure

Land Rover Suspension Pump Failure

And if the airbags are left to leak this overworks the suspension air pump causing this pump to fail prematurely.
If you notice your Rover is sitting all the way down or is leaning to one side, you have a leak.
If while driving and at a stop you notice the suspension creeps up, you have a leak.
Also when replacing the suspension air bag you must reprogram the suspension control unit, basically telling the control unit which air pump is installed. Failure to do so can also lead to premature air suspension pump failure

Land Rover Suspension Pump Failure

Land Rover Suspension Pump Failure

Air Suspension to Coil Spring Conversion

If you do not want to fix your air suspension there is good news. We can convert your Rover to coil spring suspension eliminating the air ride completely. And the kits we install also have a wire harness so the suspension control unit does not set faults and turn on warning lights. Contact us for more information.
Applies To These Models:
LR3 / Discovery 3 | ’05-’09
Range Rover 4.0 (P38) | ’95-’02
Range Rover 4.6 (P38) | ’95-’02
Range Rover Full Size 4.4 (BMW Engine) | ’03-’05
Range Rover Full Size 4.4 (Jag Engine) | ’06-’09
Range Rover Full Size 4.2 Supercharged (Jag Engine) | ’06-’09
Range Rover Sport | ’06-’09
Range Rover Sport Supercharged | ’06-’09

4.0 4.6 Rear Engine Oil Leaks

Just because there is oil leaking out of the transmission bellhousing don’t just condem the rear main crankshaft seal. There are many more places back there that can leak, and all of them need the transmission removed to find. Here are all the places in that area that can and will leak oil.
Rear main crankshaft seal
Rear bearing cap crucifix seal, these seals are located in the rear main bearing cap.
Rear camshaft plug, like a freeze out plug but blocks the camshaft passage.
Oil gallery plugs, these plugs close off the oil galleries that supply the lifter with oil
Need to be careful in condemning the rear main seal, there are so many other places for oil to leak!

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