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John Ranney - Owner

John Ranney - Owner, European Auto Tech

John Ranney, owner of Tucson’s European Auto Tech, has a life long history of passion for excellence in the automotive service repair industry.

In 1968, wanting a challenging direction, he joined the Navy during the Vietnam War, serving for 4 years. With his insatiable appetite for knowledge, he went through rigorous military and technical training to become an aviation electrician, graduating in the top of his class. By 19 he was in charge of his squadron’s electrician shop and was honorably discharged at 22.

In 1973 he honed his electrical skills as an aviation electrician focusing on a future in the automobile industry. John started out at a major east coast dealership bringing with him his strong electrical background and learned discipline. He quickly excelled in all aspects of this field. The dealers saw enormous promise in his abilities and so provided him with years of targeted training in all aspects of automotive systems, coinciding with his employment. He soon became a Master ASE, L1 certified tech. John moved on to become shop Forman at one of the largest dealerships in the New York Metropolitan area. From there, in 1987, he opened his first thriving repair facility in central New Jersey.

During his years at the dealers, John observed the frequent and frustrating miscommunication between their customers, service writers, and technicians. At European Auto Tech, you can always speak DIRECTLY to John.

After 22 years of successfully operating European Auto Tech, his well equipped facility has evolved to the standard of dealer level excellence you see on 1st Avenue today.

Dana Whalen-Allen

Dana Whalen-Allen

Dana Whalen-Allen, Service Advisor, has been in the automotive industry for over 16 years. She has attended numerous automotive management classes. Dana is ASE certified as well as AMI certified.

She has opened and managed an independent Toyota repair facility for over 7 years. It has always been her passion to work with European cars. Dana has been the service manager at European Auto Tech for over 7 years.

When you call us, it is her friendly voice you’ll be hearing on the other end.

Jeffery Haremza

Jeffery Haremza

I got started in the business of learning how to fix cars right out of High school. Lucky for me my Uncle had his own shop and I was fortunate enough to work under him within the family business. I was taught the difference between the right way and the wrong way to do things at Highline Automotive, in South Brunswick NJ. We worked on all makes of cars, but mostly Jaguars and Land Rovers.

The transition from Highline to Mark Herbert’s shop, Precision Auto Tech, in Fords NJ was easy. Working for Mark over two years, I felt very fortunate to work beside a true European Master Tech. Mark fast tracked my training and familiarized me with the basics to the more advanced repair procedures that we use day to day at European Auto Tech. Mark was then at the point of winding down his business for the move to European Auto Tech in Tucson.

Before I could follow, I would need to see the shop and the area in Tucson to make that move as well.I stayed in touch with Mark after he moved to Tucson and visited in February of 2008. I was eager to see the shop right away. John and I talked for quite awhile about similar interests and goals and I liked what I saw in both the shop and this new desert area. John asked when I could start to work there. It took me 11 months to finally get in a comfortable position move to Tucson.

Mark was at the point of winding down his business for the move to European Auto Tech in Tucson. I needed to see the shop and the area in Tucson before I could follow and make that move.

At European Auto Tech, I have found my home and plan on spending many good years here. Furthering my education on cars, and fixing everything that I can.

Being in Tucson has also made it easier for me to ride my quads. There’s desert all around, and there not frowned upon here, like in NJ. I currently have 2 quads, both being Yamahas. I enjoy working on them and making them faster. Nothing like the trill of wide open throttle!