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Tucson Audi Repair and Service

Tucson Audi Service and RepairAudi, the four rings representing the four car companies that grouped together to create the company. Their original slogan “Advancement through Technology” holds true today.

Definitive combination of innovated technology, performance and design with German engineering create a line of luxury sports sedans, coupes, and SUVs. Some with Audi’s world renowned race proven permanent 4 wheel drive Quattro┬« system.

Common Audi Service and Repairs Performed by Our Master Technicians

European Auto Tech’s master technicians have the skills, training and experience to perform routine maintenance, diagnostics and repair of all models of Audi vehicles. Our knowledgeable and courteous staff has the experience, skills and equipment to affordably diagnose and repair all Audi issues, and provide the regular preventative maintenance your Audi needs to keep it running smoothly for years to come.

The following are some of most common services and repairs performed by European Auto Tech for its Tucson clientele.

Rough Running, Poor Fuel Economy, Activated Check Engine Light

A common problem on both Volkswagen and Audi’s is deterioration of the braided vacuum lines. When this happens it can cause a multitude of driveability issues such as rough running, poor fuel economy and performance, check engine light on and codes set in the ECU. We replace these lines with a quality silicone vacuum line that lasts.

Check Engine Light Without Noticeable Running Problems

The Audi engine’s control unit monitors and controls many systems, including the fuel system, or evap system. If the ECU detects a very slight leak in the fuel tank it will turn on the check engine light and set a fault code despite the engine running fine.

Most common problems that cause this to occur are a bad gas cap seal, an evap system purge valve that is not closing all the way or a failed diagnostic leak detection pump. At European Auto Tech we advise against simply “throwing parts on the car” without proper testing. There is more to this system than just the components mentioned, and any number of them can fail. As with all repairs, properly diagnosing the true underlying issue and creating an affordable repair plan is key to returning your Audi to its original performance.

Creaking Noise in Front End When Driving Over Bumps

The most common issue that creates this noise is the sway bar links. The joints in the links start to creak and the suspension amplifies the noise. While annoying, this is a relative easy fix. Also know to make creaking noises are the ball-joints themselves on the suspension control arms themselves. We can inspect the source of your creaking noise and pinpoint the necessary repair.

Clunking in the Front End, Especially Over Bumps and While Turning

The upper control arm bushings are common locations for tearing and splitting. The arms no longer are held tight in place and move around, which causes the clunking noise. These bushings do affect the alignment, and will cause accelerated tire wear. The good news is that we can alleviate this issue by simply replacing the bushings instead of the entire arm, provided the ball joint on the end is in good condition. There are also other components in the front end that fail, so it is best to have your vehicle inspected before investing in replacing parts.

Engine running hot or overheating

Although there are other components that can cause your engine to overheat one of the more common problems with Audi’s and Volkswagen’s are failed cooling fans. There are three type of cooling fans used: electric, viscous, and belt driven. Although the electric design is the most common to fail, the viscous fan can fail due to leakage, and the belt propelled type by the belt breaking due to age and condition and if the electric cooling fan in this design fails the belt driven fan will also not work.. Although most models have two primary fans, even a single failed fan will effect vehicle performance. Inoperative cooling fans encourage other cooling system components to fail prematurely due to overheating. The a/c compressor also relies on these fans to cool it, a failed fan can sometimes lead to an inoperative a/c system.

Windows Will Not Go Up or Down, and Crunching Noises

To save weight and money, plastic rollers and guides and thin cables are often used in Audi vehicles. These components break and the windows stop working. We can diagnose the issue with your Audi’s window and offer affordable repair solutions.

Brake Lights Remaining on, or Not Coming on at All

The brake light switch tends to fail in Audi vehicles. Depending on the year of your vehicle, the part has gone through many changes and it is important to use high-quality brake light switches as opposed to aftermarket brake light switches.

Audi Diagnosis and Repair

Once we have diagnosed a problem with your Audi, our goal is to share as much information as possible with you, along with our recommended solution in a way that is easy to understand. In many cases, we will discuss different options for repairs and the risks and benefits associated with each.

No work is conducted on your Audi without your express permission to do so. Our objective is to always provide you the highest quality repair at competitive pricing, all the while treating your Audi as if it were our own.

Audi Service

When it comes to Audi service, we have you covered. Our knowledgeable staff and fully equipped shop will provide you with the most comfortable Audi experience you can have. We will take care of your Audi as if it was our own. Our service includes anything from routine maintenance to complete and accurate mechanical and diagnostic repairs.

Below is a list of the services we offer. If you don’t see what you need, simply contact us and we will be happy to help.

Factory Maintenance

  • Minor service
  • Oil and filter change
  • Major maintenance service
  • Annual maintenance
  • Mileage based maintenance 15k, 30k, 45k, 60k, 75k, 90k, 105k, 120k, 135k, 150k, etc
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Brake Fluid Service
  • Cooling System Service*
  • Transmission Service automatic, CVT or manual
  • Transfer case service*
  • Differential service
  • Timing belt adjustment*
  • Valve adjustment*

Additional Audi Services

  • Check engine light, Service engine soon light scanning, diagnosing and repair
  • Control unit coding and programming
  • Fuel injection diagnosing and repair
  • Fuel injection cleaning and servicing
  • Fuel system including fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injectors
  • Ignition system including spark plugs, coils, ignition wires
  • Major and minor engine repair
  • Valve adjustment
  • Cooling system repair including radiator, water pump, thermostat
  • Exhaust system including catalytic converter repair and upgrading
  • Emissions testing
  • Diesel injection service and repair
  • Motor mounts
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Timing chain, tensioners and guide repair
  • Serpentine and V-belt and tensioner replacement
  • Electrical diagnosing and repair including body systems and lighting
  • Battery maintenance and replacement
  • Starting and charging systems diagnosing and repair
  • Brake system repair including disc and drum brakes, master cylinders, brake lines
  • ABS brake system service and repair
  • Automatic and manual transmission repair and servicing
  • Drive axles, CV joints, driveshafts
  • Clutch systems, clutch controls slave and maser cylinders
  • Heating and Air Conditioning repair and servicing
  • Suspension components, shock, struts, sway bar
  • Hydraulic and Air controlled suspension system
  • vSteering components, power steering pump, rack, tie rod assemblies
  • Alignment
  • Body systems including:
    • Windows and window regulators
    • Doors, door locks and handles
    • Seats, seat motors and controls
    • Sunroof
    • Lighting
    • Wipers

Pre-Purchase Audi Inspection

We offer a comprehensive buyer’s inspection of pre-owned Audi vehicles. We perform a thorough check of major systems, body and chassis, suspension, brakes and drive-train. We then compile a complete report for the buyer giving the buyer a sense of what expenses may be incurred in the near future, how well the car was maintained and the overall condition of the vehicle, allowing you to make the most informed Audi purchase decision.

New Audi Vehicle Owners Under Factory Warranty

We can perform your required or necessary maintenance services while your Audi is still under factory warranty. We use factory approved parts and lubricants. We will stamp your maintenance book. You are not required to take your Audi back to an authorized dealer for services or maintenance services that you are required to pay for. Contact us for details.

Audi Extended Warranties

European Auto Tech will work with your extended service agreement or warranty. We will review your coverage, obtain the necessary approvals and process the required documentation.

Schedule Audi Service, Repair or Inspection with European Auto Tech

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Welcome to the European Auto Tech family.

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