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What Sets German Automotive Engineering Apart?

tucson-bmw-repairGerman automotive engineering has an unparalleled reputation for quality. Germans revere cars, and it shows in the incomparable engineering of their automobiles. Not content to rest on the laurels of past achievement, German automotive engineers are constantly striving to improve current technologies. While most people acknowledge the fact that German engineering is superior, they may not know the reasons why that is the case.

First and foremost, German automotive engineering is innovative. With an average of ten new patents registered each day, Germany leads the world in auto industry patents. The automotive industry is also Germany’s most innovative industry sector, accounting for a third of Germany’s expenditures on research and development. The amount spent on R&D in the automotive industry in 2011 alone was over 19 billion euro. Furthermore, the German automobile industry employees over 89,000 people in research and development roles. Germany also boasts numerous “innovation clusters” that integrate industry, science, and education in various automotive-related areas.

German culture also plays a role in what makes the difference in German automotive engineering. For example, German automobiles are engineered to be able to dominate the open road. With over 8,000 miles of autobahn highways with no speed limit, Germany is a country that encourages cars built for speed.  Germany also places a high value on precision and engineering overall, not just in the manufacture of automobiles.

Another thing that sets German automotive engineering apart is its heritage. Without a doubt, Germany’s historic automotive roots run deep. Karl Benz invented the automobile as we know it over 125 years ago. While Mercedes Benz might be Germany’s oldest automaker, Audi produced its first automobile in 1910. BMW has been manufacturing automobiles since 1928, and Porsche was founded in 1931.

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The speed of German automotive innovation is incredible. Without a doubt, there is a level of technical expertise required to properly service and repair German automobiles. If you live in the Tucson area and want the best in service and repair for your German automobile, contact European Auto Tech today.