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Benefits of the Bosch Car Service Network Credit Card Program

Nationwide Bosch Car Service Network TucsonPeople who know car parts, know that Bosch is the best. As part of the Nationwide Bosch Car Service Network in Tucson, European Auto Tech is able to offer a limited Nationwide Warranty on all Bosch installed parts. Being a member of this network also qualifies European Auto Tech for access to exclusive training, service information, equipment and marketing tools from Bosch, a leading manufacturer of high-quality automotive parts. However, Bosch does not just excel in the quality of its parts, but also in its commitment to its customers.

Major repairs can be expensive, particularly on vehicles that are the product of sophisticated automotive engineering. The need for a major auto repair can place huge financial pressure on a household. In addition to the cost of the repair, trouble such as a job loss can result from a lack of transportation. In order to better serve our valued customers, European Auto Tech is proud to offer the Bosch Credit Card.

When the Bosch Car Service Network introduced its credit card program in 2011, European Auto Tech recognized the value of the program for our customers immediately. Approved customers can finance repairs up to $3,000 and if they pay for the repairs in full within six months, card holders pay no interest. After that, they can continue to use the card again and again as needed to pay for any future repairs with the same no-interest financing.

The benefits of the program include:

  • The convenience of being able to pay for needed repairs right away

  • Extended financing

  • Zero interest if balance paid within six months

  • Low monthly payments

  • No annual fee

As an added benefit, approved applicants receive a FREE Roadside Emergency Kit while supplies last. The kit includes a jumper cables, a flashlight, safety gloves, a bungee cord, tow strap, and safety reflector triangle, all in a durable storage case.

With its location near the University of Arizona, European Auto Tech is a favorite among students and their families. In addition to knowing their children will receive the highest level of service, parents of UA students can rest assured that unlike other credit cards, the Bosch card can only be used by the customer for automotive parts and service at a participating Bosch Car Service facility.

Participation in the Bosch Credit Card program is another example of European Auto Tech’s commitment to providing the highest value to its customers. The fact is, the Bosch Credit Card allows many of his customers to opt for a higher level of service for their German automobiles than they might normally be able to afford. For parents of out of state students, the peace of mind they get from the program is priceless.

If you want to be able to repair your BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, MINI Cooper, VW, or Porsche right away with the added convenience of low monthly payments, apply for the Bosch credit card at European Auto Tech today.