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Tips for Maintaining Your Automobile

images (3)If you spend the money to purchase a quality automobile, it only makes sense to take good care of it. After all, proper maintenance is essential to keep a vehicle running its best and to avoid costly repairs later. Protect your automobile investment by following the tips listed below.

  • One of the best things you can do for your vehicle is to find a quality service center and repair shop you can trust. That way you can take your car to the same place every time, whether you need routine maintenance or repair work. Not only will you be confident your vehicle is in good hands, but the mechanics will get to know your vehicle a little bit better with each visit.

  • Have your oil changed frequently. Oil is the lifeblood of your car and you need it to be constantly circulating freely to protect your engine. If you go too long between oil changes, you engine’s oil could become sludge and your engine could be damaged. Keep in mind that the manufacturer’s recommendation in your owner’s manual represents the minimum frequency, not what is ideal for your engine.

  • Pay attention to the “Check Engine” light in vehicle. Although it may be something as minor as a loose gas cap, the light could also be giving you a warning of a major problem developing in your engine. At European Auto Tech our technicians can run a diagnostics check to let you know what your engine is trying to tell you and then make the necessary repairs. Even if you do not see the light come on, pay attention for anything that seems off with your vehicle’s performance. If a problem is detected early it can save you money on the repair bill.

  • The scorching heat of Southern Arizona can be rough on automobiles, particularly in the summer. If possible, keep your car covered or in a garage to protect your paint job.  Be sure to pay extra attention to your battery, coolant, and tires.

  • Despite how important they are to both performance and safety, tires are often one of the most neglected parts of a vehicle. Hot weather has an impact on tire pressure, so be sure to check your tire pressure regularly. Also check your spare tire to make sure it is properly inflated and in good shape so it is ready if you need it.

  • Get in the habit of treating your car gently when driving. Give yourself plenty of distance to come to a safe stop and accelerate slowly after a stop. You will save money on fuel in addition to saving wear and tear on your engine.

  • Washing and waxing your vehicle regularly not only keeps it looking sharp, but also helps to preserve the paint and protects your vehicle from rust. Keeping the interior clean will also improve your vehicle’s resale value.

 The simple fact is, a vehicle that is well-maintained will last longer, run better, and retain more of its value. If you live in the Tucson, AZ  area and want the best service possible for your German automobile, contact European Auto Tech today.