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Prepare Your Car for Your Spring Break Road Trip

Prepare Your Car for Your Spring Break Road TripSpring Break is nearly upon us and students all over the country are preparing to let loose for a week of fun. If you are driving to your destination, you want to be sure that your vehicle is prepared for the trip. Taking the time to prepare your vehicle can make the difference between having the time of your life and having a miserable experience as you deal with problems like a flat tire, an expensive ticket, or serious engine trouble that can sideline your entire trip.

Here are some tips for preparing your car for your spring break road trip:

  • Get your oil changed. Oil is literally the lifeblood of your car’s engine. It should be changed regularly to make sure it flows smoothly through your engine. Failing to change your oil regularly can cause sludge to build up in your engine. (Learn more about how sludge can do harm to your engine ) At some point your engine could require an expensive engine cleaning or need its piston rings replaced. Driving your car with little to no oil can seriously damage your engine and even cause you to have to replace it.

  • Get your brakes checked. You want to be sure that your brakes are in excellent condition before you take a long journey.  While you may want to save your money for more fun activities, brake failure could be a disaster for you and your passengers, as well as other drivers.

  • Check your fluids. You want to be certain your car has the proper levels of vital fluids like coolant and transmission fluid.

  • Make sure all of your lights and blinkers are working properly.  This is important for safety and to avoid being pulled over and ticketed. Ask a friend to help you check your brake lights and tail lights.

  • Inspect your tires. Not only should you make sure that your tires are properly inflated, but you should also check the tread as well. Driving on thin tire treads is potentially hazardous, particularly when it comes to wet roads. Replacing worn tires before your road trip will not only help you to travel safely, but can also improve your gas mileage.

  • Check your windshield wipers and wiper fluid. Having good visibility is essential for safe driving. Wipers should be replaced regularly, especially if they are beginning to show signs of wear.

  • Schedule a tune-up. Having your vehicle serviced before you hit the road can put your parents’ minds at ease and prevent unforeseen car trouble while you are traveling.

  • Be prepared for an emergency. Check your trunk to make sure that you have equipment like a spare tire, jack, tire iron, jumper cables, and a flashlight. You may also want to include items like bottled water, a pillow, and a blanket.

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