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Our Air Conditioning Service Will Keep You Cool This Summer

shutterstock_79450699-300x225Residents of Tucson, AZ, know that sitting in a hot car in the middle of summer is a completely miserable experience. You can roll your windows down, but the air blowing on you is still hot, making it impossible to cool down. Summer temperatures in the Tucson area tend to hover around one hundred degrees and the extreme high temperatures of summer extend well into autumn. However, having your vehicle’s air conditioning system functioning at peak capacity can go a long way toward improving your quality of life this summer and fall.

Often drivers don’t even think about their air conditioning until after it fails. However, practicing proper preventative maintenance can keep your air conditioner running efficiently and help you to avoid more expensive repairs later on down the road. Catching problems early can also save you money on repairs.

Some warning signs that you should watch for coming from your air conditioner include:

  • Air that is warm, or not as cold as it used to be

  • The A/C unit failing to blow air from the vents at all

  • Loud noises when the air conditioning is turned on

  • Your vehicle running hot or overheating when running the air conditioner

  • Any unusual odors coming from the air vents.

For a limited time European Auto Tech is offering $20.00 off our air conditioning service. As part of our air conditioning service, the experienced technicians at European Auto Tech will:

  • Visually inspect your vehicle’s air conditioning compressor drive belt for cracks or damage

  • Inspect A/C hoses.

  • Check the operation of the air conditioning compressor and all other A/C components.

  • Visually inspect accessible components for leaks or damage.

  • Evacuate refrigerant from the system.

  • Vacuum test the A/C system for leaks.

For an additional charge you can also make an appointment to have us recharge the A/C system using the appropriate refrigerant according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

It is important to have your air conditioning system serviced regularly according to your manufacturer’s recommendations to keep it functioning properly. Manufacturers typically recommend having it serviced every two years, although you should consult your owner’s manual to learn the recommendation for your particular vehicle.

Don’t drive around in misery this summer. Let the experienced team at European Auto Tech keep you cool by providing the highest level of service and repair for your German vehicle. If you want the best for your BMW, Mercedes, VW, Porsche, or Audi, contact European Auto Tech today.