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Common Mistakes in DIY Auto Repair and Maintenance

Some people prefer to do the job themselves when it comes to auto repair and maintenance. However, sometimes attempting repairs yourself can lead to costly mistakes or even injuries. Although some people are qualified and experienced enough to work on their own cars, most people do not have the necessary knowledge and skill to perform major repairs without damaging their vehicles.

Do-it-yourself-maintenance-tips-TrueCar-pricing-thinkstockHere are some common mistakes that DIY auto repair practitioners often make:

  • One of the biggest mistakes that DIY practitioners make is neglecting to perform necessary maintenance tasks like changing the oil as often as they should. It is also a big mistake to ignore warning signs, like flashing lights on your dash or strange noises.

  • Vehicles are very heavy pieces of machinery. Failing to set a jack correctly or properly raise your vehicle can not only damage your vehicle, but also result in serious injury to you or others.

  • Another big mistake that people make when attempting to perform automobile repairs themselves is not knowing their own limitations. While some repairs and maintenance tasks are relatively simple, it is important that you know your limitations to avoid damaging your vehicle and creating the need for expensive repairs.

  • Sometimes during DIY repairs, people forget to label parts, making it much more difficult to replace them correctly.

  • If your vehicle is still under warranty you could void it by attempting certain types of complex repairs yourself or using the wrong fluids during maintenance or repairs.

  • Another risk of DIY repairs is in not having the proper tools to get the job done right. Using improper tools when attempting repairs can do serious damage to your vehicle.

  • Sometimes DIY auto mechanics recruit less than qualified help for their repair projects. Just because a good friend offers to help you out in exchange for some beer, that does not mean you should trust them to work on your car.

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